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The Applewood School Council acts as an advisory body to provide ideas and opinions to assist the principal and, where appropriate the school in its decision-making on educational issues. The advice provided will be based on the general views of the school community and the best interests of students throughout the school.

Purpose and Objectives:

The COUNCIL is an advisory body. The Council may provide advice to the school principal, and where appropriate, on any of the matters listed below, that the Council identifies as priorities.

  • local school year calendar of fund-raising events
  • preparation of a school council constitution, that is in line with the District School Board of Niagara policies and procedures
  • methods of reporting to and communicating with parents and the community


  • Chair: Emily Nunn
  • Co-Chair: Steven Khan
  • Secretary: Christie-Anne Arsenault
  • Treasurer: Karen Roedel
  • Principal: Kate Fish

Upcoming School Council Initiatives:

To be announced!


How YOU Can Get Involved:

Talk to any member or, come out to a meeting and see what it is like. We really have a lot of fun while we provide an invaluable service to the Applewood School community!

Please contact Mrs. Fish for more information about the School Council.