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Kindergarten Open House



For children turning 4 or 5 before December 31, 2024.

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Important Dates

Please click here for the DSBN Elementary Calendar and key dates for the 2023-2024 school year

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Please note that the next Applewood Parent Council Meeting will be on Tuesday, April 23rd at 5:00pm in the Staffroom.           

Parent Communication:

ALL communication from school will be sent home electronically, this year. Please ensure you register for Cash 

Online (no credit card is required) at SchoolCash and confirm that the office has a current email for your family. Your child's  

teacher will connect with you during the first week of school to let you know how to access your child's classroom website.  

Please check it regularly. Ms. Kosh will be sending "Weekly Reminder" emails on Friday afternoons containing information for the upcoming week and general reminders.  As well, you can check our website, and Applewood Public School (@ApplewoodPS) on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates and school news!

Applewood Parent Council- all Applewood Parent Council meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the mont at 5:00pm in the Staff Room.  Please feel free to drop in and join the discussion!


                                                            Allergy Alert

Applewood is a PEANUT, TREE NUT AND SCENT FREE school, due to life threatening, anaphylactic allergies. Students may not bring products to school that contain nuts or tree nuts and we ask that they not bring or wear anything containing artificial scents. The best approach to creating a safe school environment for these children is prevention / avoidance and parents / guardians play a crucial role in this regard. While we recognize that parents are entitled to decide what goes into their child's lunches and snacks, we respectfully request your help in reducing the risk to our anaphylactic children by refraining from packing foods with nuts and tree nuts. Thank you for your cooperation!



If you require general transportation information, please visit www.nsts.ca or call: Niagara Student Transportation Services at 905-346-0290.  Applewood does not make transportation decisions or arrangements. Please contact NSTS if you have any concerns about your child's eligibity.


                                           SafeArrival Attendance Reporting


The SafeArrival Student Attendance Reporting System is in effect.  Parents / guardians must report all absences using the new SafeArrival system. You can no longer call the school to report absences.  You may report your child's absence using any of the 3 convenient methods below:

1.  Using your mobile device, download and install the SchoolMessenger app from the Apple App Store of the Google Play Store (or from the links at https://go.schoolmessenger.ca). The first time you use the app, select Sign Up to create your account.  Select Attendance then Report an Absence.

2.  Use the SafeArrival website, at https://go.schoolmessenger.ca.  The first time you use the website, select Sign Up to create your account.  Select Attendance then Report an Absence.

3.  Call the toll-free number 1-866-606-5567 to report an absence using the automated phone system.

* All the above options are available 24 hours/day, 7 days of week. Future absences can be    

   reported at any time.


                                                KISS AND RIDE - Safe Schools

Thank you to our families who are using the Kiss and Ride.  It makes pick up and drop off a lot safer. Kindergarten families are reminded to use the parking spots by the Kindergarten play area – we are leaving those available for you. At the end of the day, Gr.1 – 6 families are asked to please try to time your arrival with our 3:05 dismissal time or later as it takes the children a few minutes to get their things on and make their way around to the Kiss and Ride area.                                           

Please click here to access the most up to date information regarding Applewood's School Ventilation and Filtration Measures.