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For Parents

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Communication Matters

Smart talk from your board Speech-Language Pathologists

Did you know that children whose parents are involved in their education do better at school than those with less involved parents? They get better grades, have a better attitude toward school and demonstrate more appropriate behaviour. Consider trying a few of these tips to make a BIG difference.

Tip 1: Get involved

  • Attend open houses, book fairs, BBQs, parent/teacher interviews, etc.

Tip 2: Check on homework

  • Communicate with your child each day about homework.
  • Provide an organized and quiet place for your child to do school work.
  • Help your child manage the workload by dividing assignments into smaller parts.

Tip 3: Make home a good place for learning

  • Praise and encourage your child.
  • Read and encourage your child to read, every day.
  • Set aside a few moments daily, to talk with your child about a special interest he or she has.

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