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Applewood School Code of Conduct


The District School Board of Niagara believes that students should place a high value on excellence, integrity, self-discipline, tolerance and respect for others. Therefore, the discipline policy at Applewood School is designed to develop self-worth, self-control and self-esteem.

Discipline is learned and it should be taught in the home, the school, and the community. It is a developmental process that ultimately should result in self-discipline and appropriate responses in society.


To ensure a safe and supportive learning environment everyone must meet the following expectations and responsibilities.

Behavioural Expectations of our STUDENTS:

  • Exercise self-discipline and act responsibly
  • Pursue all studies diligently
  • Comply with reasonable and fair requests of the teachers
  • Respect school property & the property of others
  • Attend classes punctually and regularly
  • Observe the policies and routines of our school
  • Dress appropriately - no ½short ½ shorts/ skirts, halter/spaghetti strap tops, bare midriffs, or clothing with questionable messages
  • Be courteous, considerate, co-operative and respectful
  • Exhibit sportsman-like conduct
  • Show responsible behaviour on the way to and from school and during field trips

Safety Expectations of our STUDENTS:

  • Make sure someone (parent, teacher, peer) knows where you are at all times
  • Walk with someone else to and from school
  • Primary students are to use the buddy system when walking out of the classroom, especially when using the washroom
  • A "No Body Contact" rule (N.B.C.) is always in effect (no pushing, play fighting, rough housing)
  • Throw No Snow- or rocks!
  • Hard balls, Baseball bats, Lacrosse sticks, are not allowed on school property
  • At this point students are allowed to play with mini-sticks and have flag football games. However, these are privileges that are reviewed regularly. Neither activity is permitted before the school day begins.
  • Use all playground equipment safely and properly
  • Running is not allowed anywhere inside the school
  • Skateboards, iPods, and winter sleds are not allowed on school property
  • Bikes are to be walked on the school property and helmets must be worn to and from school
  • The parking area is out of bounds for students
  • Pets are not allowed on school property
  • Hats must remain off inside the school
  • Applewood, including the yard and parking lot, is a SMOKE FREE environment. City By-law enforcers have been known to issue tickets

Consequences when expectations are not met:

The following range of consequences is intended to protect the safety and rights of all students. In selecting the course of action to be taken, the teacher/principal will consider the age of the child, the nature of the offence and the number of previous infractions. Records will be kept.

  • Discussion with teacher/principal - caution/warning
  • Detention: in class or at the office, sometimes this is during recess periods and sometimes after school
  • Parental Involvement: phone, call, letter, meeting
  • Removal of Privileges: student withdrawn from special activities/events, recess
  • Alternate work environment (formally known as in-school suspension) the student works out of the classroom
  • Formal Suspension: student is removed from the school and school grounds and placed in the parents custody for up to 20 days
  • Community Service
  • Restitution/Compensation for damaged property/ goods
  • Formal apology

Expectations of our TEACHERS:

  • Provide consistent, fair and judicious discipline to all students
  • Evaluate and report student progress
  • Plan and implement an effective program
  • Provide a caring learning environment
  • Encourage communication between home and school
  • Respect the rights and needs of students

Expectations of our PARENTS:

  • Be aware of the rules and expectations of our school
  • Support school policies
  • Communicate with teachers and school personnel
  • Encourage children to follow school rules, exercise self-discipline, and act responsibly
  • Assist children with any home assignments
  • Promote positive public relations between the staff and the community

Expectations of our SUPPORT STAFF:

  • Work cooperatively with others including students, parents and teachers
  • Promote effective and positive public relations

Expectations of our VISITORS:

  • Use front doors when entering the school
  • Report in at the office
  • Observe the rules of the school while visiting the school